About SafeBVM

SafeBVM™ is a small business founded and led by a diverse group of clinicians. Their mission is to prevent patient harm during manual ventilation. SafeBVM’s Manual Ventilation Improvement Program (MVIP) focuses on 4 pillars: assessment, education, skills competency, and safety/quality improvement. This turn key training program addresses every aspect of manual ventilation and ensures that the provider’s skills are sharp year round. MVIP includes implementation of SafeBVM’s award winning and recently FDA cleared medical device, the Adult Sotair Device, in the field to reinforce what they have learned and prevent patient harm. Sotair is the ONLY real time safety intervention offered on the market today for manual ventilation. It limits the high flow rates delivered from the manual resuscitator, minimizing complications such as gastric insufflation that arise from over-ventilation.

Leadership Team

Prathamesh Prabhudesai



Physician, biomedical engineer, venture capitalist

Haris Shekhani



Physician and biomedical engineer

Holly Stewart


Chief Revenue Officer

Respiratory therapist and sales executive (25+ yrs.)

Bill Oakes


Operations and Manufacturing

40+ yrs. operations and manufacturing experience

Arthur Slutsky


Chief Scientific Officer

World-renowned physician scientist in ventilator induced lung injury

Brian Sheahan

Advisor (Quality)

30+ yrs. in establishing ISO/FDA compliant Quality Systems for small and large companies

Bill Midgette

Investor & Board Member at SafeBVM
Retired, CEO of Porex Corporation

Casey Mcglynn, JD

Corporate Secretary at SafeBVM

Founded WSGR’s life sciences practice

Sara Toyloy

Advisor (Regulatory)
Board Member at Shockwave Medical, Inc. SWAV (NASDAQ)

Eran Pilovsky

CFO PepperLime Health (Nasdaq: PEPLU)

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